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~Best Quality Package~

This package includes all janitorial basics and has been designed by BQC to satisfy most clients' needs.

                         The basics of this package include:

Trash Removal        
Dusting of Office Furniture and Windowsills         
Vacuuming of Carpet, Sweeping, and Mopping of Floors
Cleaning & Sanitizing of Washrooms and Lunchrooms

~Design Your Own Plan~

You can customize a plan especially to fit your company's needs by adding additional services or by eliminating standard services.  BQC will professionally perform whatever specifications your company designs.

~Special Services~

We offer additional services designed to help maintain your facility's appearance.  These services can be included in your monthly bill or can be done at an extra charge.  Specific projects will be completed by our special services crew.

  • Stripping and Waxing of Vinyl Tile                       
  • Carpet Shampoo/Steam Extraction
  • Window Washing
  • Machine Scrubbing of Ceramic and Terrazzo
  • Buffing of Vinyl Tile
  • Initial Clean Ups
  • Construction Clean Ups
  • Upholstery Cleaning

Special Services of Short Notice:
We understand that some times it's impossible to plan everything well in advance.  That's why our special services and emergency crews are ready to accommodate those times when your company needs our services "yesterday".

~Additional Services~

  • Day Porters (Full Time and Part Time)
  • Green Cleaning Chemicals
  • Paper Products, Hand Soap, Liners, etc
Fully Insured & Bonded!
We provide all certificates of insurance and bonding documents for your inspection.
Specially Trained Crews Wearing BQC Uniforms!
To insure work remains up to BQC standards, employees complete a training program on equipment use and professional cleaning techniques, as well as company service policies.  Our crews area easily identified by the BQC uniforms, never compromising your facility's security.
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